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Svartpilen 401 2023

The Svartpilen 401 makes no excuses about its rugged appeal. It is by definition a motorcycle at home on the fringes of a metropolitan playground, where the blacktop is less than perfect. Making use of its lightweight and punchy engine to navigate side streets, it is a master of all it surveys. The dark colours […]
vanaf: €6599

Svartpilen 125

De Svartpilen 125 beschikt over twee van de meest gevraagde kenmerken in de motorfietswereld: een robuust ontwerp en toegankelijke prestaties. Dankzij de rechte rijpositie, het lichtgewicht chassis en de betrouwbare ééncilindermotor kun je gegarandeerd rekenen op actie als je op deze motorfiets zit. De donkere kleuren en graphics versterken de adembenemende uitstraling en weerspiegelen de […]
vanaf: €5499

Vitpilen 401

The Vitpilen 401 is an unassuming hero of the sub-500 cc world. Its surefootedness, light weight and immersive riding position guarantee helmet-hidden smiles. You don't ride it as much as guide it with feather-light inputs. It reacts to the smallest response, moves at the lightest touch and feeds back every road texture through low-slung bars. […]
vanaf: €6399

Husqvarna Hard Cross 7

Face Everything. No Buts. Built to provide certainty that matches your courage. 27.5“/584mm Wheel size 27.5", Alloy 6061, Full Active 4-Link, Integrated battery, Skeleton Interface, 180 mm Frame RockShox ZEB Select, Charger RC, Air, 180 mm, tapered Fork
vanaf: €5599

Husqvarna Gran City GC4

With its aluminium wave frame, Shimano E6100 motor and Core S1 battery, the GC4 is not only reliable, it is extremely easy to maneuver and strikingly comfortable.
vanaf: €3899

Husqvarna Cross Tourer CT1

Take in the sights, sounds, scents and feeling of every adventure, care-free. The CT1 is built for riders to immerse in tours, assured that their ride is impeccably dependable, and capable.
vanaf: €3999
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