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TXT GP 300 2023

Known the world over as a trial workhorse that delivers class leading performance, the TXT GP 300 offers precise, agile handling with a strong motor creating a serious amount of usable power. With a plentiful supply of clean and tractable torque on tap, it's the way it's delivered that encourages all skilful riders to push […]
vanaf: €9325

TXT GP 250 2023

As trial bikes go, nothing compares to the TXT GP 250. The perfect balance of usable 2-stroke torque and nimble handling, it guarantees day-long fun. Revving up to 10,500rpm, the 250cc motor is so easy to ride thanks to its strong but manageable power delivery. In its element on tough, technical terrain, the class-leading suspension, […]
vanaf: €9105

TXT RACING 300 2023

Our headlining trial bike has the best of everything! Class leading power, top-level handling, and a serious amount of torque! Put simply, our TXT RACING 300 is a trial workhorse! With a plentiful supply of strong, clean, and tractable power on tap, all skillful riders can push their limits and enjoy unlimited possibilities. Not for […]
vanaf: €8665

TXT RACING 280 2023

Perfectly placed between our much-loved 250 and awesome 300cc trial bikes, the TXT RACING 280 offers the perfect blend of 2-stroke power, low weight, and maneuverability - precisely what improving riders looking for increased power and super-agile handling need. And as with all our trial bikes, it's fitted with high-quality parts like a BRAKTEC hydraulic […]
vanaf: €8555

TXT RACING 250 2023

Perhaps the most iconic trial bike in the GASGAS line-up, the TXT RACING 250 is well known for its perfect mix of usable 2-stroke power and nimble handling. Revving up to 10,500 rpm, the 250cc 2-stroke is easy-to-use, incredibly versatile, and leads the way in tough, technical terrain thanks to its strong, controllable torque curve. […]
vanaf: €8445

TXT RACING 125 2023

The GASGAS TXT RACING 125 is the perfect bike for younger riders to hone their trial riding skills on. Lightweight and so easy to ride, our smallest 2-stroke trial bike allows all youngsters and beginners to build their confidence while having a whole lot of fun! Featuring controllable, revvy power, the 125cc motor has a […]
vanaf: €8225
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